Less water used in finishing


Our denim

We are working with our denim manufacturers to avoid as many chemicals as possible, and lower our water use and energy consumption.

On a range of our denim products, we are using innovative methods such as ozone, laser treatment and nano bubbles to create the cool denim details we know and love.


To measure and document our continuous journey we are using an industry renowned tool called EIM. EIM shows us that we’re achieving the lowest impact wash possible for each of our Low Impact Denim garments.

Less than 35 litres of water used

Less than 2 kilowatt hours of energy per pair of jeans

EIM (Environmental Impact measurement) software, developed by Jeanologia, is the first tool to measure the environmental footprint of garment finishing processes, and often overlooked part of denim production. It is a powerful self-accreditation tool that allows us to monitor the process on four important points: amount of water, chemical use, energy use and impact on workers' health.

We use it to measure the current environmental impact of our garments, setting targets to develop better processes.

Look for the Jeanologia logo handtag on our denim products to make sure the product has a EIM score that is within the Low Impact category defined by Jeanologia.

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