The materials we use are a big part of our total environmental impact.

Acknowledging this, we have set goals to minimise the impact of our raw materials as much as possible, without affecting the good quality and design you already know and love.

We define a garment as responsible if 50 percent or more of the material used has a certification, which proves the claim of a lower environmental impact compared to conventional alternatives.

We have very strict demands for our classifications.

Every classified product has been through a comprehensive evaluation and will only receive its classification when fulfilling every single aspect. We can’t say it enough: Being responsible in all actions is of enormous importance
to us.

In 2021 we’ll reach an important milestone as we achieve a level of at least 28 percent responsible produced in our qualities. We continuously strive to increase this level and our goal is to reach a minimum of 42 percent responsible produced qualities by 2025.